Zest and Rind by Cooper Wilhelm

Zest and Rind

It’s stunning how much life there has to be
before you can think of it.
I don’t just mean seeing a pine cone
you couldn’t see when it was one cell of pollen,
but how you can think of your mail carrier as a person
you saw last Tuesday and never know
her parents’ names, whether she had a dog.
Once I die at 80 I’ll get honed
to my life’s best parts—
the smell of your bed
and the face you made when I looked up and realized
you could have been looking at me for hours.


Cooper Wilhelm is the author of three books of poetry including DUMBHEART/STUPIDFACE (Civil Coping Mechanisms/2017). He was the host of Into the Dark, a show about witchcraft for Radio Free Brooklyn (old episodes are still available on itunes) and sends poems on postcards to strangers he looks up in phonebooks at PoetryAndStrangers.com. DM him @CooperWilhelm on twitter for occult consultations and high fives.


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