Set Fire to Stop Fire by stephanie roberts

Set Fire to Stop Fire

my whole life i’ve

done with this

walked out
never to return mid
riot geared nightmares
night vision the hall
of my grandmother’s

these feet won’t pedal in reverse

i’ve evaded every reunion,
i can’t miss an ex anything

honey not sour enough
black hide not thick enough
heart not cold enough to clasp
the broach of nostalgia

control burn letters
while i loved them
then couldn’t ache for

what was forgotten


stephanie roberts has work featured in numerous periodicals, in North America and Europe, including Arcturus, Atlanta Review, Burning House Press, and OCCULUM. Born in Central America, she grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and now explores reverence from a wee town just outside of Montréal. She is a 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee. Twitter shenanigans @ringtales.

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